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What We Offer

South Fulton County Home Appraiser provides you with high-quality appraisal services in a timely and cost-effective manner.


Receive a detailed, custom-written report that your appraiser will defend in court on your behalf.



Obtaining an accurate and credible appraisal can make a substantial difference in a divorce settlement.


We understand the unique process of determining and planning an estate or date of death appraisal.


We provide an accurate, substantive pre-listing appraisal for homeowners and realtors in the south Fulton area.


Pre-purchase appraisals play an essential role in almost every sale involving real estate property.


Property Tax

We are here to provide you with the assurance that you are only paying your fair share of property taxes.

How We Work

Your home is important to you. Whether you’re buying or selling, the value of your home is key. We’ll help you discover your home’s true value and prepare for a successful transaction.


You can trust that you’ll receive expert service from a certified, unbiased industry professional.



Our custom reports include laser-focused information on market trends, comps, and addendae specific to your home.


We are happy to explain everything upfront, including reporting, duration, and pricing.

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