Filing for bankruptcy is a painful and confusing administrative procedure. Your largest valuable asset, your home, plays an enormous role in determining your bankruptcy case. An accurate valuation of your property within a quick turnaround time is crucial to facilitating smooth bankruptcy proceedings.

It is advisable not to low-ball an appraisal when filing for bankruptcy. An appraisal should never be slanted to favor the debtor, as this will also favor with the courts of law. It is a criminal offense to file a dishonest appraisal. This is the reason why a reputable firm must always do your appraisal. South Fulton County Home Appraiser can help advise a debtor with a complete appraisal. We compile a complete report with a full description of the property appraised and a description of the methodology used to determine the value.

Bankruptcy appraisals have a significant impact within the bankruptcy process. If the property is appraised unreasonably low, then this will cause issues and delays when the lender challenges the valuation. A poorly performed appraisal may also be rejected by the bankruptcy judge. Every appraisal that South Fulton County Home Appraiser performs is completed with a high level of quality and due diligence. We understand the importance of supporting the appraised value with viable comparables.

South Fulton County Home Appraiser understands the pressures involved in bankruptcy. Spending extra money for an appraisal is likely the last thing you want to do. Remember your situation is about dollars and cents, and an appropriate appraised value is your key to the conflict.

Hiring a professional appraiser to appraise your property is your best and only defense against overvalued personal property. Call South Fulton County Home Appraiser directly with any questions concerning your bankruptcy at (404) 907-1846. South Fulton County Home Appraiser has the experience and qualifications to meet all of your appraisal needs.

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