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Financial Planning & Trust

There are several reasons why a financial planning or trust appraisal could be necessary:

  • Estate/financial planning (laying the foundation for the future)
  • Settlement of an estate upon the death of the owner
  • Gift tax
  • Guardianship or conservatorship
  • Establishing a basis for capital gains
  • Secure appropriate insurance coverage
  • Develop tax strategies

Real estate holdings are usually a client’s largest assets, so knowing the value of the properties is the key to a solid financial plan.  This also applies to organizing affairs when creating a retirement plan. South Fulton County Home Appraiser is a distinguished appraisal firm that is experienced in determining appraisals for both single properties and multiple properties in a portfolio, with a complete knowledge of all the required processes. We have provided appraisals for financial and trust planners throughout all of Fulton County for a variety of trusts, estate purposes, tax planning, asset updates, and more.

Appraisals done for financial planning and trusts require a lot of attention and extensive knowledge of the local area. South Fulton County Home Appraiser has worked closely with several financial and trust planners as they develop the most effective and advantageous strategies for their clients. Always enlist the services of a professional real estate appraiser like South Fulton County Home Appraiser to estimate the fair market value of your properties.

South Fulton County Home Appraiser provides a comprehensive and hassle-free approach to financial planning. We are happy to explain the appraisal process upfront and answer any questions once the process is complete. We stand out among other firms and have been a backbone in providing appraisals in Fulton County for nearly two decades. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

Call South Fulton County Home Appraiser directly with any questions concerning your financial planning and trusts at (404) 907-1846. South Fulton County Home Appraiser has the experience and qualifications to meet all of your appraisal needs.

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