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At South Fulton County Home Appraiser, our expert appraisers advise home buyers to opt for a pre-purchase appraisal, especially in today’s challenging real estate market. You may have a talented and seasoned agent, but it’s a good idea to have an unbiased second opinion of value prior to finalizing any listing contract. A pre-purchase appraisal ensures that you and the property owner’s real estate agent are on the same page and hold realistic expectations for the purchase of the house under question. A pre-purchase appraisal from South Fulton County Home Appraiser can help accelerate the process of buying a home in multiple ways:

  • Puts improvement areas at the forefront to make sure sales are closed without unnecessary and last minute delays
  • Can easily save or gain you thousands of additional dollars and countless hours of time and hassle
  • Provides an effective tool for negotiating with the property owner and their agent
  • Establishes market value for any possible unique property characteristic, (i.e. converted garage, outbuilding, room addition, built-in pool/spa)

Hence, the need for timely and accurate appraisals is paramount for a house sale to be smooth and streamlined. Pre-purchase appraisals by South Fulton County Home Appraiser play an essential role of almost every sale involving real estate. South Fulton County Home Appraiser has been around for more than a decade. We are familiar with Fulton County and each individual neighborhood. We are also state-certified and members of AGREA (Association of Georgia Real Estate Appraisers).

Home buyers throughout Fulton County have come to rely on the accurate and professional pre-purchase appraisal services provided by South Fulton County Home Appraiser. Call us today at (404) 907-1846. We have the experience and qualifications for all your pre-purchase appraisal needs.

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